4 Places to Release Your Inner Child in Ottawa

We are no longer innocent, knee-scraping children seeking epic adventures with our action figures and imaginary friends. Gone are the days when you could peacefully fall asleep on the couch watching The Land Before Time and wake up gently tucked away in your bed, cuddled by a litter of beanie babies, staring up at your glow-in-the-dark starry ceiling.

They said growing up was a trap, and for the most part, they were right. Luckily, there are places and activities around Ottawa that can make us forget about being adults with responsibilities for a little while, and instead, arouse our dare-devil, flirt with our innocent joy, and remind us of the childlike wonder that we lost along the way to adulthood.

Release your inner child with these four things to do in Ottawa this fall:

1.  Xtreme Trampoline Park  @ 50 Frank Nighbor Pl, Kanata

Source: Xtreme trampoline FB


Trampolines were a backyard luxury growing up. If you or your friend were lucky to own one, I’m sure there were many tales of flips gone wrong, and seeing how high you could jump while your friends roll around helplessly in a fit of giggles.

Now, you can satisfy those gymnastic urges and jump for joy at the newest and biggest trampoline park in the city.  A room filled with bouncy trampolines wrapped in soft edges, Xtreme Trampoline Park can hold 120 people jumping confidently in their own space.

Also, report to the bounce floor for Xtreme nights on Friday or Saturday from 10pm-12am for a complete evening of jumping to DJs and funky lights!

  1. Funhaven @ 1050 Baxter Road
Source: Funhaven’s FB

This isn’t your grade school field trip to Chucky Cheese’s. Jam-packed with arcade games, a climbing wall, and laser tag, it’s the ultimate trip to get your inner child’s adrenaline pumping and ready to tackle the activities. Venture through the jungle and laser tag your friends, while walking extremely fast and stealthily hiding behind a painted bush. Later, get pumped to climb a 20ft. rock wall, and then visit your Midway past with classic arcade games!

3. Bubble Soccer @ multiple locations


Okay, so you know all those epic fail YouTube videos with multiple clips of people running into each other with Pilate balls, somehow thinking it would be silly and harmless? It’s this, plus soccer, and without the sprained necks.

Strike your friends in the safety of a giant bubble, all while attempting to play soccer. It’s hilarious, fun, and downright addicting. You bounce, roll, and depending on the brute force of a hit, can have you sent flying airborne until your feet are dangling helplessly in the air and you’re turtleback. You really don’t have to be good at the sport, just good at smashing into people. Music to a child’s ear.

Get your bubble on here:
Bubble Soccer Ottawa
Bubble Madness

4. Saunder’s Farm @ 7893 Bleeks Road

Saunder’s Farm FB

Spend an entire afternoon discovering the multitude of things to do around the 100-acre farm. Get lost in one of the hedge mazes like you’re in the Triwizard tournament’s enchanted maze, and use your problem-solving skills to figure out the labyrinth. Later, cool off in the splash pad, and dry off jumping on giant pillows. There’s even a random slide in the woods called Witch Mountain that is just begging to be tested out from the kid in you.  Soon, the farm will transform into it’s yearly Halloween themed fright fest at the end of October!

So cheers with some apple juice, and get playing!



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